"All of humanity will have discovered fire for the second time." Unforgettable.

What I'm getting is: expand, do more, be more, matter more. The world wants people that matter in recognizable ways. The tough balance that I hear is between being part of something bigger than myself and putting myself in the center of that thing. I guess they both have to happen, and they both take courage! Appreciate it.

It took a while to realize it’s only the beginning of my story

I hate tradition, which means that several times a year when it really comes alive, I drive my friends and family crazy. It’s boring, it’s annoying and weird, and frankly, it’s kind of dangerous. It’s the cause of a lot of family drama all over the place, and way too much drinking. Passover is one of those days for me.

I am Jewish, which mattered so much to my zionistic Israeli parents who literally risked their lives repeatedly through acts of bravery to preserve and create something…

Danni Michaeli

A psychiatrist and a dreamer, I'm always listening for the magic and wondering what we're all doing here.....

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